Blogroll Retrospective: Samurai Frog...

Last post: July 17, 2010

If I had to choose one blog if I was stranded on a deserted island, it would be Samurai Frog's "Electronic Cerebrectomy". I hate to play favorites, but I'm a big fan. He writes about stuff that interests me - politics, popular culture, movies, etc. - and he does it well, with humor, conviction, and regularity. Plus, there's nudity! I really can't remember how I stumbled upon him. He was on a lot of my favorite blog's blogrolls. Today just happens to be his birthday, so if you're an admirer like me, go over and wish him a happy one!

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Bubs said...

Samurai Frog is (along with Dr. Monkey V. Monkerstein) one of those bloggers who make me feel incredibly lazy as a blogger. The amount of writing, commentary, pop culture, art, pinups and ephemera that he puts out is amazing.