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I'm finally getting in on the whole five questions thingy. I recently started reading Melinda June's blog. She's got a sharp wit and lives abroad. Be sure to check her out when you get a chance! Now, the questions...

1. You not only live in Michigan, you live in rural, Northern Michigan. Imagine that one day you open a bottle of Mackinac Pale Ale, and out pops a genie who offers to bring three urban amenities to your locale. What would they be?

The first would be a live music venue that showcased artists I like. That is one of the biggest things I miss about Chicago. There was always good music being played somewhere. Second (and I'm not sure this qualifies as an "urban amenity", but we don't have 'em here) would be a decent Italian Beef stand. Third would be an international airport.

2. You receive a message from the state department, and you are required to take George W. Bush fishing on his next visit to your fair state. You are not allowed to talk politics, but if you fish in total silence or refuse this task, you're off to Guantanamo as the latest success in the war on terror. What do you talk about? Or are you off for a waterboarding holiday?

Great fucking question! I'm a bit torn. Although I think Gitmo would be an interesting experience, I bet the food is really bad and they probably don't get to watch TV. I would probably talk to Dubya about religion and how he is doing all the things Jesus told him not to do. I also hear he's a big Baroque Architecture fan, so there's that. I'd probably want to probe his deepest feelings; his fears, issues with his mother, etc.

3. The blogging world is fascinated by your romance with Megan. What are the best things about her?

We've kind of made a conscious effort to keep our relationship discussion to a minimum, so as not to gross everyone out with our sappy cuteness. The best things about her? There are so many things that come to mind. She is very kind and caring. She is intelligent, which comes in handy when there is a crossword puzzle to be done. She read my blog and STILL consented to meeting me, which tells me she has a good sense of humor and has a sense of adventure. She's also beautiful and makes killer crab cakes. I am extremely lucky.

4. Women are often asked to compare themselves to popular sitcom characters....we are Marys or Rhodas, Mary Annes or Gingers, Charlotte/Carrie/Miranda or Samantha. What is the equivalent for men? And which are you?

I'm not sure what our equivalent would be. Most of the conversations I have with men involve sports and farting. We're not as deep as y'all think. If you ever watched the show "Undeclared" (awesome show), I was basically the Steven character - the nice dork who was terrible with women, but was still fun and had a sick sense of humor.

5. What is the best documentary you've ever seen? The worst? Compare them.

This is tough. There are so many good documentaries. The one that really changed my outlook on not just docs, but film in general was "Grey Gardens". I was fascinated by such an intimate look at two very odd, eccentric women. Most people would probably consider it boring. It was hard to think of a worst. There was one I saw called "The Journey" that I didn't really care for. It was this guy driving around the country, interviewing people (some famous) and asking them about life. It was pretty hokey and new-agey. It wasn't awful, just not my bag. On the one hand, "Grey Gardens" was groundbreaking and insightful. "The Journey", on the other, was formulaic and somewhat contrived.

Thanks, Melinda June! That was fun!

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Beth said...

This is one of the most interesting Q&As I've read so far. I hope you get that fishing trip with Dubya — and fill us in on what you find out.

Fan-damn-tastic questions, Mindy!

Skylers Dad said...

Great exchange here, I really enjoyed it.

#4 reminds me of the old, failed sitcom "Men Behaving Badly" with Rob Schneider. His former roommate moved in with a girl and was telling Rob all he had learned living with a women. For example:
"Did you know that when women are showering, and have to pee, they actually get out of the shower and use the toilet?

Flannery Alden said...

Neat questions and great answers!

I've done it already and you've already interviewed me, but what they hey? Interview me again!

Johnny Yen said...

Good Italian Beef is hard to find even here in Chicago. Years ago, when I worked constructin, I lived on Italian Beef sandwiches-- lots of hot gardinera. I found that the best places were in the west suburbs of Chicago.

Johnny Yen said...

duh-- "construction."

Melinda June said...

Well done, Chris! I believe that any food other than diner or supper club in rural areas counts as an "urban amenity." But I'm disappointed that men don't compare themselves to the A Team.

GETkristiLOVE said...

Me and my hockey Hos would be up for a trip up north to play hockey and come to your concert. Let me know when the Genie appears.

Anon. Blogger said...

Great questions and answers!! I loved the creativity.

I'll volunteer to be interviewed, but honestly, I can't imagine that anyone would want to ask me anything!! So don't feel obligated if you have a better option!!

Anonymous said...

Oh,what the hell. Send me 5 questions!!

Dale said...

Nice work Melinda and Chris! I was surprised to find out you didn't compare yourself to a comic strip but just the same. Grey Gardens was one of the most fascinating films and made a pretty compelling musical too. They're about to make a Hollywood version starring Jessica Lange & Drew Barrymore if you can imagine it.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Excellent interview, Melinda!