Pimp My Ride...

I've watched enough reality television to know what's good and what's doo-doo. One of my favorites is MTV's "Pimp My Ride". Now, you have every right to give me shit about this. Sure, what they do to these cars is completely decadent and excessive and there is probably a more effective way to use the money spent, but it's still fun. A few of the things I like about it:
  • It's short. It's only a half hour show. For those of you who have watched MTV shows, you know that this comes out to about seven minutes after commercials.
  • There's no competition or back-stabbing as in other reality shows.
  • It seems like a nice gesture to treat someone who drives a piece of shit to a complete auto makeover. Any of you who have driven beaters know how good it would feel to drive something that looks good and runs.
  • There is a creative process. I love shows where you get to see people building shit.
I'll grant you that there's a chance that there are things happening that I may not be aware of, like they may just give shitty cars to the kids of MTV execs and then pimp them. All I can say is it seems authentic to me.

What they have not done yet is install an actual functioning, flushable toilet in one of the cars. Perhaps they're saving it for the season finale.


Flannery Alden said...

Love this show!

gizmorox said...

The catch is the taxes the kids have to pay on the insanely expensive upgrades to their cars.

But Xzibit cracks me up. I used to love the little mexican who sewed the upholstery. All badass on the outside but a little home ec boy on the inside.

teri said...

I like this show as well.

Grant Miller said...

Could you pimp my blog?

Marni said...

I also like the guy with the spikes in his lower lip/chin region... kind of hot.