I don't usually get emotional when it comes to watching movies. It is very rare for me to tear up because of something I see on a screen. Call me cold-hearted if you want. There are, however, three movies that I've seen a few times that have some effect on me. With each of them, I could miss the whole beginning and only see the last twenty minutes or so, and tears will well up uncontrollably. Two are Christmas movies and one's a sports film.

It's A Wonderful Life
OK, this is an obvious one and a common tearjerker for most people. The ending with the money and bells and Zuzu. I lose it.

This is the modern version of A Christmas Carol, with Bill Murray. The scene at the end where Alfre Woodard's kid, who had been mute throughout the movie, speaks for the first time gets me everytime.

This is an odd one. You see, I was raised to hate Notre Dame sports. For some odd reason, my dad consciously rooted against Notre Dame, even though he had nothing against the school or Catholics or Irish people in general. The final scenes of that movie when Rudy finally realizes his dream and gets in the game and his dad is there - forget about it.

I know, I'm a total wuss.


Moderator said...

I'm the only person alive that hasn't seen "Scrooged" or "Groundhog Day." And I just saw "Caddyshack" and "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" two years ago. I didn't understand a lot cultural references until I saw those two.
"The Diary Of Anne Frank" did it for me. Quite recently. Don't let Echo know or he will blog about it.

Some Guy said...

My brother claims he's never seen Star Wars, but I doubt it.

Moderator said...

"Star Wars" How can you not have seen "Star Wars." Everybody's seen "Star Wars" whether they like it or not. I'm quite impressed if that's true.

Jenny Jenny Flannery said...

I've never seen Top Gun.

Some Guy said...

Consider yourself lucky. Tom Cruise is one-trick-pony. I know people will claim he was OK in Magnolia or Born On The Fourth, but he always plays an excitable dude on full blast - everytime. Talk about range.