O Bob Novak, Where Art Thou?

I am a big fan of pundit-based television. Don't ask me why. I don't think these shows do anything to help the discourse. As those of you who saw Jon Stewart publicly castrate Tucker Carlson on Crossfire know, Jon laid out a compelling case for how these shows are a detriment and hurtful to the national debate. I guess I watch these shows not so much as a source of information, but rather to study the gamesmanship and deceit that takes place. These shows entertain me. One talking head who never failed to disappoint was Bob Novak.

When it came to saying a whole bunch or words that sounded important, but meant absolutely nothing, no one could touch Bob. When it came to unjustified condescension, he was unsurpased. And when you wanted to see personal attacks delivered with venom (and perhaps a little drool), you knew who to turn to. Bob put the "crotch" in crotchety. Unfortunately, Bob's involvement in the Plame affair has made him a bit a of a pariah in punditland, but he held fast, clinging tightly to his RNC talking points and spittle cup. Ultimately, Bob reached his breaking point, saying "bullshit" live on CNN, eventually resulting in his banishment to some underground Fox News dungeon. I, for one, miss his unintelligible analysis and lame non sequiturs. I mean, the guy is not long for this world. Can't we let him go out in a garbled, patronizing blaze of glory where he belongs - on television? Please Bob, you dirty bitch, come back to us!

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