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GKL posted this video on Facebook and it gave me chills. It captures all of the things I love about skiing. I've been privileged to have skied at Vail three different times. The first time I went was in junior high. I had saved up all my lawn-mowing money during the summer and fall to pay for my airfare, lift tickets, and my share of the lodging. My dad agreed to pay for the food and rental car. I went with a cousin who was my age and we quickly ditched our parents to find all the best spots. I repeated this in high school with three of my friends. The last time I went was my freshman year in college. I got a bunch of money when I graduated high school that I saved in order to go. Five of us road-tripped from Illinois for one of those cheap-o college Christmas break package deals. By now I was improved as a skier and felt confident in a lot of the harder terrain at Vail. Of all the places I've skied out west and overseas, I've always had the best skiing at Vail.  This video makes me want to ski there again as soon as I possibly can.


Documentary Film Book Of The Day: A Wilderness Of Error: The Trials Of Jeffrey MacDonald...

I don't read as much as I should and there's no good reason for it.  Whenever I finish a book I like, I think about how rewarding it was and how I really should read more, but then I quickly forget and watch a shitload of movies.  This past weekend we rented a remote log cabin on Lake Michigan with no TV, internet, or phone and I was forced to choose between counting chipmunks or reading a book.  To play it safe, I chose a book by my favorite documentary filmmaker, Errol Morris.  It reads like a documentary.  It re-opens the Jeffrey MacDonald case and picks it apart in a thorough and ultimately maddening way.  He was the Green Beret doctor who was accused of brutally killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters in 1970 at Fort Bragg in North Carolina.  There was a book and TV movie made about it called "Fatal Vision".    As with most of my documentary recommendations, I don't like to give too much away.  Just know that I finished all 500+ pages in two days, which for me is unprecedented.  It's really, really excellent.

Available HERE.


Some Guy's Blog Salutes The Heroes Of 9-11...

  1. Richard "Snuzzle-bunny" Cheney
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