So, fuck.  I haven't been around for a while.  Not sure if people still check in.  I sure don't.  Mostly because I know I haven't posted anything.  I do, however, still check the different Google searches that lead people to my blog.  Here are the last several according to my SiteTracker.  I haven't changed the order or the spelling in any way.  Enjoy!

nickname for testicles
bat wit a dick
scary shellfish
buck teeth
negative images native american racial sterotypes
hat with umbrella
frosted tips
types of eyewash stations
umbrella hat
ween piss up a rope ween blogspot
guy blog
denonym of lesbos
i like music
gourg bush jr biting a kitten pic
the devils ride discovery channel juice
pretty alphabet
gay grabber grab nut grab cock grab dick
hairy pit lady
snot pics
whatever happened to mindy cohn
سكس لة يلا
african plate
guys talk blog
hat umbrella
family guy glass eye
probability with cards all four aces
conway twitty
"college of automation" commercial
sandy duncan glass eye
The photo of the life cycle of the rhode island red
snot licking monster
animated clapping audience
lölu 77777777777777777777777777777777777777777
imodium funny
holly sweet fuck guy
louis ck bacon
crazy birthday cat
fred bassett
nice penises
i missed my calling
gumby penis sex
jeapordy boner
baby seal with red ball
gerbert picture
z in cursive
wizzo the clown
walts crawlers
porn duvet covers
nose Picking
cat penise
world record black crappie
chris brown crotch
little traverse bay
mr peebles
mini erection
people smoking crack rock
grandma in bra
ugliest man in the world
clucky chicken
sbarro architecture
barney miller wojo
family circus porno
wild animal droppings in northern michigan
i'm through flippin burgers and frying fries