Hey! Kool Aid!

When I was about six-years-old I can remember playing in the front yard of my suburban-Chicago home with the neighbor kids as our moms sat talking. Out of nowhere a box truck (like a U-Haul) pulls up in front of our house. The back opens up and out jumps the Kool-Aid Man in all his icy-sweet glory. He ran around, smiling, as he passed out Kool-Aid stickers. Just as quickly as he arrived, he was gone, with no explanation. Is there anyone else out there that has any memory of this sort of thing happening (circa 1978)? It haunts me to this day and it would be nice if there were others to commiserate with. For as seemingly jovial as the Kool-Aid man might appear, the fact that he runs around dispensing the very fluid he consists of is a tad disturbing. It'd be like me running around with a pitcher full of my blood, piss, and saliva. Oh, yeaahh!

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