Ad Nauseum...

I go out of my way to buy products that don't advertise, at least not on television. Let's think about products that spend the most on commercials:

-Soft Drinks: I used to drink about 36 oz. of regular Coke each day. About a year and a half ago I saw the movie "Supersize Me" and decided to cut it out completely the next day. I have not purchased any carbonated soft drink since, except for Canada Dry Tonic Water which, to my knowledge, has never had a TV commercial.
-Fast Food: See above. I used to eat at these places a lot, maybe four times a week on average. It's not so much the health issues that led to my personal boycott, but the fact that these are sinister corporations that I prefer not to get any of my money. It is the one small bit of power I have over them.
-Automobiles: I have only owned two cars in my life. My current car is a 1993 Ford Ranger with 233,000 miles on it. Both cars were bought used, so the companies didn't see any of my money.
-Beer: I don't drink Miller or Bud products. I usually drink Molson Canadian and can't remember the last time I saw one of their commercials. Maybe they play them in Canada, but I don't see them.
-Pharmaceuticals: The only meds (eyedrops) I take are for a rare form of Glaucoma I have, but again, no commercials.
-Toothpaste: Has anyone ever seen a commercial for Aim?

I guess I just figure that a company that doesn't spend a lot on commercials can put more money into providing a good product. Or maybe I'm wrong and they're using all that surplus advertising money on hookers and blow.

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Moderator said...

I buy Whole Foods cola when I can. I'm addicted though. I wish I could give up pop entirely.