What The Hell Happened...

Upon reviewing the posts I've made thus far, I'm realizing that I come off as a sarcastic, cynical, vulgar person. What happened to that bright-eyed, happy-go-lucky child that played T-ball, obeyed his parents, and regularly attended Sunday School? Pre-college, I embodied the All-American goody-goody that you just wanted to pummel. I got good grades with little effort. I never got in trouble in school (or anywhere, for that matter). I helped out senior citizens my mom knew with their yardwork. I kept my hair short. I didn't drink or do drugs. I considered myself a Republican, based mainly on the fact that my second grade teacher told us Democrats were in favor of slavery and Republicans were against it (no joke). I was even told by people that they thought I should be a pastor. So where did I go wrong? Things started to change when I started to listen to this guy. And thank god. Otherwise, today I might be this guy.


Frank Sirmarco said...

What did the comment you deleted say?

was it something like, "man, this kid looks like he eats his own feces..."

What could be so bad that you removed it form the site?

Some Guy said...

It was something Jay wrote that was patenly untrue.