Thank You, Jen...

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I laughed out loud.

Courtesy of Casual Slack.

Do You Guy's Have Schwan's By You?...

I don't know anything about this company other than
I see their trucks driving around all the time.
Something to do with ice cream, I think.

I might take more notice of who they are and
what they do if they spelled their name

And, for that matter, these guys should be

"Charles əb"


Out Of Context...

One of my biggest fears as a blogger is that some media smear-merchant will take something I've written here out of context in order to sully my pristine reputation as an arbiter of all things decent and pure. In order to preempt these vicious attacks, I went through some previous posts and identified a few potential problem areas. The following are inferences people might draw from my blog without the proper context:
  • They may think, "I have exactly two hairs...on my dick." (12-20-06)
  • Or that, "Dubya...is...a genius." (8-10-07)
  • Or that I think, "North Carolina...smells like dog poo." (11-20-07)
  • Or that, "I think...baby Jesus...should...start smoking crack." (11-14-08)
  • Or that, "I encourage...goat...fucking." (8-28-09)
Let me assure you that none of these statements reflect my true feelings in any way.

Except the goat-fucking one. There can never be enough goat-fucking.

Seriously. Everyone. Find a goat and fuck it. You won't be sorry!


Unintentional Humor...

The only reason I am posting this video is for its comedic value. Freaking hilarious!



The Wire...

One of the things I've loved about Netflix, besides introducing me to the world of documentary film, has been the chance to watch certain TV series I missed the first time around. Last night I completed the fifth and final season of The Wire. I had heard a lot of great things about it and it pretty much exceeded my expectations. It could very well be the best episodic television I've seen. If you have Netflix and you haven't watched it yet, do yourself a favor and add it to your queue. It is some seriously good shit.


This Is Just An Average, Everyday Post...

...apart from the fact that I proposed to Megan today.

Oh, and she said yes.


This Made Me Laugh Out Loud...

Edited to add: For those of you who couldn't access the video earlier, it seems to be working again. Enjoy!

I found it on The Documentary Blog. It's the kind of weird shit I love.

Here are a few more terrifying TV logos:

Here's a freaky one I remember. It's not really a logo, but I think it fits. The thing is, most of the times I saw it, it was followed by a show aimed at kids like a Peanuts cartoon or an episode of The Muppet Show.