I was the subject of bullying from grades one through four. I'm not sure what brought it on. I was pretty shy and didn't attract a lot of attention to myself. I was small for my age and therefore couldn't fight back, especially not against the 3 or 4 older kids who tormented me daily going to and from school. I also had a pretty long walk, which provided plenty of time to do damage. They would play keep-away with my lunchbox, throw me in the bushes, and constantly kick my ankles to try and make me trip over my own feet. As we all know, unless you are planning on having some sort of constant bodyguard, you can't tell anyone without making matters worse for yourself. So, I had to live with it for four years. Sometimes I'd sprint home before they could catch me. Other times I'd wait long after everyone had left, which often meant I'd miss The Brady Bunch (fuckers!). A lot of people dream about the day they will finally exact revenge on their childhood bullies. Not me. This is what gets us into trouble, I think. You're better off to just let it go. I had plenty of opportunities as I got older to make younger kids suffer the way I had. I chose to end the cycle at me. There just didn't seem any logic to it. These experiences have played a huge part in my present attitudes towards current events. I know a bully when I see one. It's no wonder I have such a problem with Iceland.

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