I'm Four...

I neglected to acknowledge the fourth anniversary of the launch of this blog a few weeks ago. To honor the occasion, I've done a little remodeling as you can tell. I'm also going to change the direction of the blog just a bit. I am no longer going to post anything funny or gross. There will be no mention of the following on this blog from here on out:
  • mucus (dried or moist)
  • turds/dingleberries
  • pubes in food
  • flatulence
  • hemorrhoids
  • Dick Cheney's shriveled nutsack
  • maggot puke
  • spelunking in Aretha Franklin's cleavage
Nope. All done with that. From now on, this blog is gonna be classy, dammit. I'm going to post about ballet and opera. About literature and fine art. There will probably be lots of posts about tea and crumpets. And in those posts the crumpets will likely be frosted with crocodile semen.

Crap. Nevermind.


A Snot-Related Post...

I spent the day sanding hardwood floors - a back-breaking pain in the ass. The one reward is, at the end of it all, the sawdust and snot combine to form the most exquisite boogers - ones you can tell your grandchildren about.


Documentary Film Of The Day: Tales From The Script...

I always seem to enjoy documentaries about filmmaking. I've watched really good films about editing and cinematography. This one is about screenplay-writing. It's a series of talking-head interviews with screenwriters at varying points in their careers. There are plenty of great stories about breaking into the business. They talk about the creative process and what it's like dealing with studio executives, directors, and actors. It offers about an hour of extra footage - something I always appreciate. If behind-the-scenes stuff interests you, I think you'll enjoy it.

Netflix it HERE.


Something Told Me I Needed To Be In Chicago Today...

I drove down this morning and I'm glad I did.

Way To Go, Hawks!
2010 Stanley Cup Champs


Documentary Film Of The Day: Visual Acoustics: The Modernism Of Julius Shulman...

I'm not sure how much interest this film will be to those who don't really give a shit about modernist architecture, design, or photography (or learning about new stuff in general). I'm interested in all of them, so I enjoyed this one. Julius Shulman is widely regarded as one of the world's preeminent architectural photographers, especially of the modernist homes of southern California. He was in his nineties when the film was made and unfortunately died in 2009. He had worked with architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, and Frank Gehry. It is beautifully shot and has some neat, illustrative graphics. Again, this film caters to very specific tastes, so please don't complain if you Netflix it and find it boring.

You can add it to your queues HERE.