Another Video With Two Favorites...

After finding the Louis Armstrong/Johnny Cash video, I am now on the lookout for live performances that combine two or more musicians that I consider legends. This is from a 1974 T.V. show on the CBC starring Canadian jazz pianist Oscar Peterson and the great Ray Charles. Peterson is one of my all-time favorite pianists and Ray Charles is an icon. The sound and picture aren't great, but it's still worth it. I figure most of you know Ray Charles music, but if you aren't familiar with Oscar Peterson, here's a short sample of what he's capable of:

Things I Suck At: Caption Contests...

There are a number of blogs that, from time to time, feature caption contests in which a photo is posted and people compete to come up with the most original caption for it. One of the most prominent is the long-running "Firecrotch Of The Month" contest at The Pop Eye. Every time I see one of these contests it is a sad reminder of just how bad I am at captioning. I present to you a few of my failed entries from various sites. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong:


Shit I Liked: Team Cereal...

Granted, there weren't any dried marshmallows or plastic toys in the box, but as far as bland flake cereals went, this one was one of the best. I can remember many happy mornings polishing off a bowl of Team (without milk, mind you) and then digging the masticated cereal clods out of my teeth with my fingernail, admiring them for a second, and then putting them back in my mouth for further digestion.


Shit I Liked: Space Legos...

As some of you may have noticed, I have not been around as much lately. My posts have been thin and I haven't been leaving as many comments on your blogs (although I do still visit). I don't know what it is. I decided the thing I originally liked about the blog is that I can post whatever the fuck I want - funny or not. Like, maybe I'll post about random shit I liked...

In the early Eighties I was all about Space Legos. They invited creativity and were my toys of choice as a kid. They dominated any Christmas or birthday list I was asked to make. I would always build it as instructed first to prove I could, then quickly take it apart and make my own variations, often including parts from other sets. I found a site where you can browse every Lego set ever produced. If you were into Legos of any kind, you may find it interesting. These are the ones I remember having:

Cosmic Cruiser

Star Fleet Voyager

All-Terrain Vehicle

Space Probe Launcher

Mobile Rocket Transport

Robot Command Center

Documentary Film Of The Day: Objectified...

This film just came out on DVD a few days ago. It's by Gary Hustwit, the same director behind the Helvetica movie. This one looks at industrial design and the incredible amount of thought that goes into objects we use everyday, both in terms of their form and their functionality. Like his last film, I really like the sleek photography and subdued style Hustwit employs. If you're interested in design you should enjoy this one. You can watch the trailer HERE.

Netflix it HERE.
Available at iTunes HERE.



I've jumped out of an airplane, but I don't think I'd have the stones to try this. It's cool as hell to watch, though!

There was a story about this on 60 Minutes, so if you want to see more you can check it out.


A Cool Video With Louis Armstrong And Johnny Cash...

Two of my all-time favorites - together.
This was taped in late 1970,
less than a year before Armstrong died.


Documentary Film Of The Day: Anvil: The Story Of Anvil...

This film ranks up there with some of the great rockumentaries I've seen. It is the story of the heavy metal group Anvil - a band that influenced metal heavyweights like Metallica and Anthrax - yet suffered through relative obscurity for the last 30 years. The movie follows the struggle of the original members to find the success they thought they had earned. It is funny and optimistic at times and heartbreaking at others. In case you're having doubts about Netflixing this one, you don't need to know Anvil's music to appreciate the story. Check it out!


A Carl Sagan Post...

After seeing this kick-ass video that Vikki posted on Facebook, I've been watching other Carl Sagan videos and learning more about him. I'll be honest. I've never read any of his books (I will now) or watched any of his shows like Cosmos (I will now). Here are a couple things to watch:

A hypercube rotation.


I Wasn't Sure What To Do With This...

I mean, it is Fox News. Is it even in dispute anymore that what happens there is not journalism?

Now, don't get me wrong. This Couey guy sounds like a bastard of the highest order and if you are someone who believes in hell, then I can understand why you'd think that's where he's headed. I'm just curious who their sources are on this, at least as far as the headline is concerned. Maybe they meant that he was headed to Hell, Michigan, in which case I apologize.