Who Is Some Guy?...

I've put it off long enough.  
I registered for the online test today.
I'm just hoping there aren't a lot of
questions from the following categories:
Anything Shakespeare
Proper Etiquette
Toilet Cleanliness (Megan's suggestion)
Walking Normally (also Megan's)
Icelandic Politics
Shit Your Mechanic Tells You Needs To Be Fixed
Tea Party Logic

To see the categories I'm hoping for,
click HERE.

It's Sunday. Let's Rock! Featuring Wynonie Harris...

Wynonie Harris - Lovin' Machine


Documentary Film Of The Day: The Parking Lot Movie...

This is yet another example of how a documentary can turn a seemingly mundane topic--in this case, a parking lot in Charlottesville, Virginia--into a compelling feature-length film.  Actually, the film isn't so much about the parking lot itself, but about the people who work there and how they (and other service industry employees) are treated by society.  Having worked at several jobs that would be considered menial or lowly by most (my stint as a garbageman comes to mind), I could easily empathize with the employees in the movie.  Plus, it made me laugh.

It is currently available for instant viewing only HERE.  Check it out!


The Blahg...

Those of you who still follow this decrepit blog may have noticed my posting frequency has plummeted over the last few months.  Now, I could lie and say that I wasn't spending most of my spare time waiting by the mailbox for my copy of Boy Meets World: The Complete Fourth Season to arrive, but I won't.  That's exactly what I was doing.  And I'd do it again because the show is that good.

Actually, the truth is that, as each day passed without a new post, I felt increased pressure to write something really profound and worthy of my triumphant return.  Then I realized that this blog has never been about quality.  The thing I always loved about this space was being able to post whatever stupid shit popped into my head without any concern for whether anyone would like or understand it.  So, although I may not post as much as I once did, I will endeavor to get back to my roots--goofy nonsense and perhaps more boring videos.

Another reason for the blog's decline is that I haven't felt all that funny lately.  This fall it became apparent that I would no longer be able to sustain my struggling architecture business.  The building industry sucks most everywhere, but especially here in northern Michigan where there is a glut of cheap real estate on the market.  People would rather buy an existing home at rock-bottom prices than go through the headache and expense of designing and building something new.  For the time being I am working full-time as a paid ski patroller (while still doing my volunteer duty on weekends like before).  It's okay for now, but once the season is over I will again be looking for jobs that aren't really there.  Unless, of course, there is some unexpected spike in new construction.  It can be stressful, but I am healthy, I have a wonderful, understanding wife, great friends (including my blog-pals) and family, a home that contains ample food and clothing, and a vivid imagination.  So please, no pity.  Now quick, let us commence with the weiner jokes!


Rosco Peecole Train...

Yes.  I'm still alive and still weird.