Even Though They're From Completely Different Solar Systems...

...I still think Bob Odenkirk's Saul Goodman of Breaking Bad 
bears a striking resemblance to famed cat-masticator Alf.

And if you haven't watched Breaking Bad yet, you should.
It's really fucking good.
Netflix it HERE.


Documentary Film Of The Day: Inside Job...

At long last this year's Oscar-winning documentary is available on Netflix.  It's a great film about the global economic collapse of recent years.  I challenge anyone to watch this and explain to me how what took place wasn't organized crime.  Is is because no one got whacked or lost a kneecap?  After you watch it, tell your friends to see it.  I think this is a subject that the population needs to understand if there's any hope of shit changing.

Netflix it HERE.


It's Monday. We Should Probably Rock: Featuring Elmore James...

Elmore James is one of my all-time favorites.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find any videos of live performances.  Here are a few to give a listen:


How About A Fucking Post Every Once In A While?...

As some of you may know, I have been working this winter as a paid ski patroller at a local resort (in addition to my volunteer duties on weekends. This is a short video highlighting a typical morning for me which includes riding around on a snowmobile and opening parts of the hill, as well as starting a fire in the warming house. You will notice how the Boy Scout Handbook section on how to start a fire goes out the window when temps are below zero.