Our Girl Annie...

Recently I've noticed an upsurge in the amount of stuff being written on the internet--much of it critical--about pundit Ann Coulter. In fact, it seems any schmuck with a keyboard has felt the need to express their outrage regarding recent statements she has made. Frankly, its become pedestrian and I refuse to engage in it. I mean, hasn't this woman suffered enough? So what if she makes claims doubting whether 9-11 widows were really loved by their husbands and questions their right to express their views. You won't hear me complain. And is it really that big a deal that she said she wished the hijacked planes of 9-11 had flown into the offices of The New York Times? I mean, isn't that the way most people feel? You also won't hear me whining about the fact that she wants to go in and bomb Muslim cities and convert them all to Christianity. That's what Jesus taught all those years ago. The fact is, Ann continues to be a lone voice of reason in a world gone mad! Does it really matter that listening to her speak is only slightly less irritating than repeatedly hitting yourself in the groin with a socket wrench? You see, that's the sort of ad hominem garbage I have no interest in. You go get 'em Ann!

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