A lot of conservative friends of mine always seem baffled by why the terrorists hate the United States. This is somewhat surprising, given the fact that our government has consistently provided a rational explanation. The government has said that, above all, they hate us for our freedom. Simple as that. Case closed.

Now let's synthesize the information we have. Terrorists hate our freedom. The opposite of hate is love. The opposite of freedom is confinement. Therefore, terrorists love confinement. Are any alarm bells going off, people? What these terrorists really want is to be locked up. So here is what I propose. Airdrop a bunch of cages, maybe 20' x 20', into areas with a high concentration of terrorists. The terrorists will see these cages and, due to their hatred of freedom, will lock themselves up. No fuss, no muss. Doesn't that sound a lot cheaper and a lot less bloody than what we're doing right now? Often the simplest solution escapes us.

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why hasn't anyone thought of that?