How sad...

There is nothing quite as sad as a lonely phone.
Won't you consider spending some time with it?

I've actually been here. This phone is in the middle of fucking nowhere along Route 50 ("The loneliest road in the U.S.") in Nevada. I stopped here during my cross country bike ride. A lot of the other guys on the trip made calls from it because they thought it was funny. I didn't make a call. I figured any call I'd have made would've gone like this:

Call recipient: Hello?
Me: Hey. How's it going?
Call recipient: Who is this?
Me: It's Chris.
Call recipient: Oh, hey Chris. Can I call you back? I'm on the other line.
Me: That's fine. I'll talk to you later.


The Boob Lady said...


I'm sorry. It's a sad story. I shouldn't laugh.

Lonely little phone.

SkylersDad said...

If one is the loneliest place you can ever be, what does that make this phone?


Unknown said...

When I was living in Key West I would regularly call my girlfriend (now wife) from the southern-most-payphone in the USA.

Jenny Jenny Flannery said...

It sounds like someone needs a hug.

Dale said...

That's a helluva bike ride Chris, quite an excellent achievement. I'm glad you weren't alone at the phone.

Anonymous said...

I dont know... don't phones go into a dormant state-- or remission-- when they're not being used? Maybe they dream their phone dreams and aren't aware of the "real world" when they're not being used.

That's what I think.