Thank Heavens For A Tag...

This is a seven-legged lamb. I wish I had seven legs. Instead, I got nailed by Dr. Zaius with the "seven things..." tag. This is probably the seventh time I've done it. Since I have nothing else interesting to say at the moment and the Mindy Cohn paparazzi post went over like a fart in church, I'll accept it.

The rules:

1. List these rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.

3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

Here goes:
  1. I have an annoying voice. I have no inflection whatsoever. It's very unnerving for people. I'm working on it and my progress will be the topic of a future post I'm sure.
  2. The last couple years we have gotten to stay at the lavish Drake Hotel in Chicago after Christmas thanks to the generosity of Megan's dad, but they were booked this year so we will be forced to stay at the Palmer House. It's gonna be rough.
  3. Despite the fact that I'm a huge nerd, I have never been into comic books OR video games.
  4. Relating to #3, I did briefly play Dungeons And Dragons after avoiding it for a long time. My character was a halfling thief named Snatch Davis. It made me smile anytime anyone said it.
  5. I ate sea urchins in Cadiz, Spain because I heard they had hallucinogenic effects. It was complete bullshit and they were disgusting.
  6. I'd guess that about 50% of the time I go to the grocery store, I buy a candy bar at the checkout. I am a sucker.
  7. I am breaking rule #3 and not tagging 7 more people. I'm sure you're all busy with your last-minute shopping and shoving ornaments up your butts for me to add another thing to your to-do lists.


Cora said...

I know! It's like tag-o-rama around here lately. It's a week before Christmas, do we have nothing better to do?!

That being said, don't forget I tagged you with Dr Zibbs Crappy Gift Idea Thingy ('Cuz, clearly, I'm no better than the people I was just bitching about). C'mon, Chris, YOU HAVE TO DO THIS ONE!!!! Why? Because you'll sooo deliver. And because I said so.

Mnmom said...

Heavens, the Palmer House!?? How will you ever survive in that slum?

And how did you find out about our double-secret Christmas tradition?

SkylersDad said...

I almost missed this post because you posted something else so quickly... and I was looking for a missing ornament...

Gwen said...

I haven't read the Mindy post yet! Spoiler!

BTW, I'll let you know what I think when I get over there.

Unknown said...

How did you know what I was doing with my ornaments???

Distributorcap said...

you ate the wrong sea urchin

Leonesse said...

Do you sound like Ben Stein?

Cormac Brown said...

No video games or comic cons? You are a 20th Century nerd and you'll have to upgrade yourself. Start on a Wii at least.

Sea urchins are vile. This one sushi place that I used to go to? The chefs got mad because I'd always try to substitute sea urchins for another kind of sushi. That stuff is definitely "Fear Factor Junior" food.