The Glass Eye Still Reigns!...

A number of other bloggers like to, from time to time, share some of the search words or phrases that brought people to their blogs. I think these can be very revealing. As I've said before, most of my Google search-based traffic (about 10%) comes from "sandy duncan glass eye". It is double the next closest slot which is shared by "baseball cliches", "scat blog", and "gurgly stomach". Some of the other more obscure ones include:
  • "enormous areola"
  • "what does it mean when your girlfriend starts to annoy the shit out of you"
  • "why does the flintstones car tip over"
  • "the discourse of a taboo subject like pooping"
  • "sucking dick gives me an overbite"
  • "she has boner"
  • "guy blogs for guy who reads"
  • "sasquage" (I can only imagine this is sausage made from Sasquatch meat. I believe it's a delicacy in Canada.)
  • "picture of baby jesus condom"
  • "5691907019122d460ef82cca4cb24248" (????)
  • "iowa scat play" (There were a bunch of searches containing the word "scat". It's all based on one post.)
  • "i have a crush on alex trebek" (This one scares me!)
  • "crystal meth and el debarge"
  • "wrestlers crotch"
  • "dazed and confused penguin polo"
  • "loni anderson camel toe"
  • "guys toilet boner"
  • "ditka drunk cap boso" (Only ardent Bears fans might get this one.)
  • "cute puppies dicks"
  • "bee jizz"
  • "should i start smoking crack" (If you have to ask, yes.)


Red said...

I have a crush on Alex Trebek, too. It's not that weird, is it?

Poobomber said...

You had me at Loni Anderson's camel toe.

Some Guy said...

Welcome, Red! And yeah, it's a little weird. Don't mind me. Trebek and I, we have issues.

PB: I'm thinking it'd make a good x-mas card picture.

SkylersDad said...

It's good to know in these troubled times that I can still count on Sandy's glass eye and Loni's toe.

Falwless said...

Sorry about the "crystal meth and el debarge." They're two of my favorite things and I was curious to see the Google results if I combined them...

Bubs said...

Funny, all the camel toe searches I've done have never brought me to your place.

Micgar said...

Idn't bee jizz honey?

BeckEye said...

Q: What does it mean when your girlfriend starts to annoy the shit out of you?

A: You should start smoking crack.

I wonder what this girl did that was so annoying. Claim that sucking dick gives her an overbite? Say that Alex Trebek is hotter than her bf? Did she break the last baby Jesus condom?

Doc said...

How much traffic does "bee jizz" bring in? I'd like to know.


katrocket said...

Sorry, but "enormous areola" was me. I have 'em and I was just wondering if you have 'em, too.