State Of The Union Preview...

I predict that before Dubya is able to utter his 9,653rd speech defending his crappy Iraq policy, he will open his mouth, releasing a horde of dung beetles that will scatter throughout the halls of congress, devouring everything in their path. At this point, Dick Cheney will sprout bat-like wings and hover over the chamber, vaporizing the beetles (and any surviving democrats) with lasers from his eye sockets. After the dust has settled, Dubya will look squarely into the camera and tell the shocked populace that they should support the troops by going to Disney World.

This is just a hunch.

May god continue to bless America.


vikkitikkitavi said...

You forgot about the giant "guest worker program" iguana that gives a strawberry picking demonstration in the aisles right before he turns and devours the Senate Democratic presidential primary frontrunners.

Johnny Yen said...

I'd long noticed that you never see Cheney in the sunlight.