Sounds About Right...

From today's "A Word A Day":

malkin (MO-kin, MAL-kin) noun

1. An untidy woman; a slattern.

2. A scarecrow or a grotesque effigy.

3. A mop made of a bundle or rags fastened to a stick.

4. A cat.

5. A hare.


Anonymous said...

Jeez... what DOESN'T it mean?

It sounds like you could just throw it into any conversation for whatever...kinda like that South Park episode where they visited the planet Marklar, and the word Marklar meant, like, everything.

hmm.. marklar... malkin..

Zed said...

I know this is really malkin, but before today I didn't know what "malkin" meant, and even now, right in the malkin-steps of your explanation and definition, I continue to be malkin'ed by this malkin word. It remains a malkin to me.

Jenny Jenny Flannery said...

Malkin-A, Malkin Balls!

Anonymous said...

malted malkin balls!!