eBay Neophyte...

I have never bought anything off eBay. In fact, I have barely even looked at eBay before today. I'm just not into having more stuff. However, thanks to a post over at The Slack, I was inspired to check and see if one of my favorite childhood toys, Rocket Hockey, was available. There is one. I set up an account so I could place a bid. However, every time I up my bid, some jackass ups it by 50 cents. I'm sure there's some sort of automatic bid set-up that allows the other bidder to do this, but I haven't spent the time to study the various options. I doubt I'll get it. Bidding ends at like 10:00 PM and I'll be at my computer-less home by then. Too bad. If you'd like to see a short video detailing the awesomeness of this toy, click HERE. It's basically the same thing as real hockey, minus the ice, skates, hockey sticks, and other players. Other than that, it's the real fucking deal.


Jen said...

Never bid until 2 or 3 minutes
before the auction ends
You'll just drive up the price

You must camp out infront of the computer for victory

did you say computerless home??
how can this be?

Anonymous said...

E-bay claims another victim.

lulu said...

There is a way to tell it the most amount of money that you are willing to pay something, and every time someone bid on it, ebay will automatically enter your bid for .50 or 1.00 higher until you get to your highest offer.

bubbles said...

I went through an Ebay 'phase'.

I was most successful with the 'snipe' at the last moment. There's snipe software to do it for you, but I am too cheap and don't want anything that bad.

I have several very unique items that I got on Ebay, I've also been disappointed a couple of times. Most times it was worked out, though.

The very best use for Ebay for me was finding out the value of some old or collectable stuff from my mom's. I might have given away some valuable stuff if I hadn't checked the closed listings. Still sold the stuff, just at a much better price!!

Why no computer at home???

Unknown said...

By computerless home you mean no GIANT computers, right?