Books That Are Currently On My Coffee Table...

The Cabin: Inspiration For The Classic American Getaway
A great book with photos and thumbnail plans of cool, custom cabins. Each of them are faily small, just the way cabins should be.

The Rustic Furniture Companion: Traditions, Techniques, And Inspirations
I took a rustic furniture class taught by Dan Mack, the author. He does a good job of showcasing both his and other funiture-makers work.

Harper Collins Spanish-English Dictionary
Every once in a while I like to know how to say a word in Spanish.

Trout - An Illustrated History
A neat book of trout paintings (watercolor) with interesting information on each.

I've mentioned Andy Goldsworthy before. He's the guy who does environmental art. Amazing stuff.


Big Orange said...

there was a time, in our B.C. days, when we had something other than patterns, toys and dirty dishes on the coffee table.

Currently I'm rereading "Something Wicked this Way Comes" by Bradbury. Oh, and "Strategies that Work" for my class.

vikkitikkitavi said...

An illustrated history of trout?


Chris said...

Vikki- You got something against trout? What are you, some sort of perch-lover? Or perhaps you're partial to pike.