Whose Government?...

There have been a few times, while forcing myself to listen to another shitty Dubya speech, that I've thought I heard him refer to the government as "my government". Most of the time I chalked it up to the fact that he is an idiot and can't speak well. I decided to see if my memory was correct. Sure enough, after doing an internet search ("George Bush"+"my government"), I found numerous occassions where the president said this. It makes sense. His actions while in office certainly suggest that he believes that while he's in office, the government is his - he can do with it what he wants.

Let's just make one thing clear. It's OUR government. It may be his administration. It may be his merry band of shithead misfits bent on alienating us from the rest of the planet while they run off with all the loot. It is not, however, HIS government, no matter what his simpleton fucking brain might believe.


Megan said...

Damn skippy. But, you know, if he says it enough people might start to believe it. Oh wait.

Moderator said...

Well, considering how Congress has been under Republican rule his entire term, the Supreme Court sways right...He's onto something.

That should change in Novemember.