It struck me that I haven't spent too much time on this blog talking about music. I like music a lot. I have a lot of CDs and there is no rhyme or reason to my musical taste as you can see HERE. Just for kicks, here are the last ten songs that randomly played on my iTunes:
  1. The Trip, Donovan, off of Sunshine Superman, 1966
  2. Here 'Tis, Ramsey Lewis, off of Stretchin' Out, 1960
  3. He's Misstra Know It All, Stevie Wonder, off of Innervisions, 1973
  4. Taste Of Honey, Herp Alpert And The Tijuana Brass, off of Whipped Cream & Other Delights, 1965
  5. Tiger Rag, Art Tatum, off of Piano Starts Here, 1949
  6. Nosey Joe, Brian Setzer Orchestra, off of Dirty Boogie, 1998
  7. Ballet For A Rainy Day, XTC, off of Skylarking, 1986
  8. Calypso, Robert Randolph & The Family Band, off of Unclassified, 2003
  9. Say You Miss Me, Wilco, off of Being There, 1996
  10. Bastard Wants To Hit Me, They Might Be Giants, off of The Spine, 2004


Cup said...

Sweet! It appears we have the same MP3 collection; I have all of those here with the at the office. Isn't the MP3 shuffle a beautiful thing?

Some Guy said...

Seriously? All those songs? Wow. That's cool! Having more than a jukebox-worth of song contained in a thin little strip of metal is amazing. I never thought I'd be into the iPod thing, but I love it. It doesn't hurt that I got it as a promotional item for free.