Travel Tips: Part 1...

This will be the first in a series of things I learned in my travels around the United States. After working for a year after college, my friend, Guido and I thought it was high time we took a break from the corporate world. What started out as idle talk at a bar one night turned into a full-fledged plan of action. We decided to buy a big van, build some bunks in it, and cruise around the country without any real itinerary. We stayed with friends as much as we could, but otherwise lived in the van, staying in hotel parking lots and free campgrounds. We managed to live like this for about five months. You can see a few pics HERE and a route map HERE.

Lesson #1: If you come across a drunken, belligerent lesbian stripper at a bar in Albequerque, New Mexico and you refer to her as a "hermaphrodite", you may get a drink tossed in your face.

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