I think it was Benjamin Franklin who said, "The best means to gauge friendship is by how many comments they leave on your blog." Since this is about the 2-month anniversary of my foray into blogging, I thought I'd see just who Ben thinks my real friends are. These totals do not reflect the comments I received during my stint over on Grant's blog.

  1. Grant Miller - 41 comments
  2. Flannery Alden - 13 comments
  3. Frank Sirmarco - 11 comments
  4. Winter - 9 comments
  5. Vikkitikkitavi - 6 comments
  6. Dirty - 5 comments
  7. Echo - 5 comments
  8. Beth - 3 comments
  9. Big Orange - 3 comments
  10. Anonymous - 3 comments
  11. Lunar-fix - 2 comments
  12. Lulu - 2 comments
  13. Laaw-yuhr - 2 comments
  14. Newbluebaby - 2 comments
  15. Shroom-monkey - 2 comments
  16. Marni - 2 comments
  17. Sny Snoodles - 2 comments

The following each had one comment: Madison Guy, the tattered coat, powerbroker, Anne Altman, Coaster Punchman, Melinda June, getkristilove, Tenacious S, Julia, and Askinstoo

Grant, keep an eye out for the UPS truck. You've just won a Schwinn Stingray, a gift certificate for a free birthday cake from Roeser's Bakery located at 3216 W. North Ave., Chicago, IL, and a brand new $50 bill! Thanks to the rest of you for playing.


Jenny Jenny Flannery said...

When shall I expect my year's supply of Turtle Wax?

Some Guy said...

Flannery: Sorry, it was an all or nothing competition. Besides, how often do you actually use Turtle Wax?
Vikki: I thought about links, but it seemed time consuming. Fuck it, I'll do it.

Frank Sirmarco said...

I only posted 11 times because I didn't want to air out our dirty laundry over a public forum.

I don’t wish to come off as prudish, but I find the following words offensive and do not wish to see them on your blog: squirt, Virginia, plasma, foreskin, or buttress.

Please comply immediately.

Jenny Jenny Flannery said...

Well, never, actually.

But I've always wanted a year's supply of Turtle Wax. I suppose, since I don't use it at all, a year's supply for me would be no Turtle Wax. Hmm...I won a prize afterall!

vikkitikkitavi said...

Chris, you are amazingly easy to manipulate.

I like that in a man.

Some Guy said...

Frank: "Virginia had to buttress herself to avoid being bowled over by the baby-plasma squirting forth from the folds of his foreskin." - Jackie Collins. In your face!

Vikki: I am here to fulfill the desires of my readership.

Cup said...

Does three comments mean we're friends? That I can call you at 2 a.m. and cry about boyfriend troubles? That I'm required by law to bail you out of jail?

Some Guy said...

Beth: No, but four does! Congratulations!

Marni said...

How many posts does it take to get on your links list? Hmmmm?

Some Guy said...

Marni: Ask and ye shall receive...

Marni said...

I feel so important now! Cool!