We Stand On Guard For Thee...

I love Canada. Whenever I'm in Canada, I somehow feel at ease - safe. Going there has always been a positive experience for me and it's nice to know it's just a couple hours away.

I was surprised to learn that, in 1999, Canada created a new territory, Nunavut, without letting me know. I had known someone that lived in Yellowknife, so I was minimally familiar with the area. I remember that, despite having a population of less than 20,000, Yellowknife had one of those indoor wave-pools.

So thank you to all my Canadian readers for having such a nice country. This goes for my stalker-friend in Saskatchewan as well. Let your other Canuck friends know they are very welcome here.

Just make sure you keep your Canadian coins on YOUR side of the border, okay?


GETkristiLOVE said...

Do you know why Canadians do it doggie style?

So they can both watch the hockey game!

genn6 said...

awesome! Love those Canadians...love common sense.

May-B said...

Thanks for the link. I didn't mean to stalk - I just didn't comment for lack of anything funny to say. You're an amusing dude.

Glad you like my country. I will try to keep our coinage the hell away from you.

Chris said...

May-b: I was just giving you shit. Unfortunately, living so close to the border, I doubt anything you could do would prevent me from ending up with your currency in my pocket. I will add you to my blog-roll.

May-B said...

Chris: Shit accepted. Thanks.

The Boob Lady said...

I really thought I'd get a shout out there.. Jeez Chris.. You ruined Christmas, the least you could have done was give me a shout out...

PS: The toonie's in the mail.

Flannery Alden said...

"Knock, Knock," Lucy says.

"Who's there?" I say.

"Canada," Lucy says.

"Canada who?" I say.

"Canada Teapot!!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha," Lucy laughs. She's two, but "Canada" is the punchline to all her jokes. I don't know why, but it delights me.

Dale said...

Thank you for standing on guard while we do our annual running of the American coins back to your side of the border. We don't want your stinking money either. But please protect us when we need it. Thank you. Love, Canada.

Emmanuel said...

Q: You know how they came up with the name for our wonderful country?

A: The forefathers put a bunch of consonants in a bag, shuffled the bag and pulled letters out one by one letting destiny do it's thing.

That's all for now folks. Keep it real Chris! Love the blog.

Jill said...

Damn, you are late in the news!!
And there is just something special in the water here in Canada!! We just rock!!
And our name is just a big misunderstanding!!