Dear America,...

I like to lick my own asshole.

Sean Hannity


Beth said...

Best damn post in ages!

Dave said...

I have ONE nicec thing I can say about Sean Hannity. One.
That is: He doesn't claim to be anything other than a conservative.
I still hate him. I think he's a racist.

Chris said...

Beth- I thought so, too. I was getting worried people didn't feel the same way.

Dave- Yes, he has O'Reilly beaten in that regard. He's still a jackass.

Bubs said...

That's only if he can't get Mark Levin over to take care of it for him.

It's creepy how many of his callers preface their questions and comments by telling him what a "great American" he is.

Anonymous said...

damn, if *I* could do that, i wouldn't need to leave the house!!