Obscure Punctuation...

This is an Interrobang. I had no idea such a thing existed. I think this bad boy should be standard on every keyboard. Does it have a cool fucking name or what (note: I would end this sentence with an interrobang if I could.)


lulu said...

That's what they used to call me down at the clinic.

Megan said...

The interrobang is fucking brilliant! I especially like the examples wikipedia provides:

How much did you spend on those shoes?!
You're going out with Madeleine?!
You traveled to Paris in a submarine?!
You slipped on a banana peel?!

Chris said...

Lulu: *rim shot*
Megan: I noticed that, too. What do you suppose is wrong with Madeleine?

This post made me think of the Seinfeld where Elaine breaks up with the guy because he doesn't like exclamation points.

Big Orange said...

there's a book called "Barry Trotter and the Unauthorized Parody" and Barry has an interrobang on his head. LOVE those things!