As a few of my recent posts indicate, I'm feeling nostalgic. I've noticed a lot of bloggers get this way from time to time. There are tons of posts out there along the lines of "Do you remember...?" Even though it smacks of one of those "I Love The Seventies/Eighties/Nineties/Five Minutes Ago" shows, it's still fun and a quick and easy way to establish common ground. Besides, what's more fun than making lists? Here is a list of some toys I can remember playing with as a kid:
  • Space Legos - These were the only kinds of Legos I liked.
  • Lincoln Logs
  • Criss Cross Crash - A figure-8 Hot Wheels racetrack that maximized collisions.
  • Capsela - major league dork toy.
  • Star Wars action figures and vehicles - I only had the X-Wing and Landspeeder. Thanks, Mom & Dad.
  • Bristle Blocks
  • Shrinky-Dinks - Those thinks you colored and put in the oven - because every kid likes to shrink things.
  • Colorforms - those re-stickable things that you used to create some sort of scene. I think ours was a "Happy Days" scene. You could put Al & Ralph Malph into numerous compromising positions.
  • Rocket Hockey
  • Merlin
  • Air Jammer Road Rammer - a car that you pumped up with a mini bike pump to make it go.
  • The Fisher Price farm and village
  • Weebles. I had a Weebles pirate ship.
  • That foam shit that you used in the bathtub. It came in cans that looked like superheroes.
  • Lite-Brite
  • Whitewings paper airplanes. They were a bitch to make, but they flew like crazy.
I never had G.I. Joe toys, a Sit & Spin, or those inflatable bouncy-ball things you could ride.


lulu said...

I always wanted a Lite Brite, but never got one. I never got an Easy Bake Oven either. (Actually, I got one for my 35th birthday)

A side note, I went to college with the sons of the woman who invented Shrinky Dinks. Evidently the house was full of test projects.

Jen said...

Shrinky-Dinks ROCKED!
I had garfield ones..

Colorforms- I had snoopy playing baseball

LOVED Legos & Lite-Brite

Played endless tic tac toe
on Merlin!

Frank Sirmarco said...

Masters of the Universe and G.I. Joe toys ROCKED!

Those toys, along with my collection of Star Wars action figures were eaten by rats when I lived in the city.

I threw them in the garbage when I moved, and started a crazy hobo riot in our alley.

Anonymous said...

I had the weebles circus.

And I freaking loved bristle blocks.

dirty said...

Shinky-Dinks!...I wonder if you can still get those.

I never had a sit-n-spin either...or those bouncy ball things but my kids do and they aren't all they are cracked up to be.

That's the best part about having kids...I can buy them the toys that my parents never got me and play with them myself.

We have 2 Lite Brites and those stupid pegs are a killer to step on in the middle of this night.

vikkitikkitavi said...

That's what SHE said:

Lincoln Logs
Bristle Blocks
Rocket Hockey