One Door Closes, Another Opens...

She's as good as mine!
Jen, if you're reading this, come on over and let daddy make it all better. That turd was never good enough for you.

This post registered a 7.0 on the Creep-o-meter.


Anonymous said...

Dear Chris-

Breaking up is hard to do. I need some time to heal.

Anyway, Vince and I are just "on a break".

But if it doesn't work out, will you wait for me?



Some Guy said...

Dearest Jennifer,

Heal Shmeal. Time to get back on the horse! I'll wait, but if Charlize beats you to it, don't come cryin' to me...


Moderator said...

Tony Parker - also available and with a better J.

lulu said...

Does this mean that V.V. is available? Oh Goodie!

Anonymous said...

I'd give it more like an 8.5 on the creepometer.

And can you imagine walking around with half a million dollars on your hand?! While people are starving to death?