These guys are a pleasure to watch.

Earlier in the season I was having a discussion about the Bears with Geoff, a friend of mine. He listens to a lot of Chicago sports talk radio. We share the same complaint about many Bear fans. They seem to cling to the memories of the '85 Bears. You know, the "Super Bowl Shuffle" Bears. Don't get me wrong, that was a great season and a super-fun team to watch. I was in eighth grade and I loved every minute of it, but...

I don't want to settle for a Super Bowl win over 20 years ago. I mean, if the Bears go all the way this season, do you mean to tell me we won't be as proud of the accomplishment as the last one? Bullshit! Did any of the Bulls six titles diminish the joy of any of the others? No.

I guess I can understand Chicago fans tendency to wax nostalgic about past victories because we have no idea when the next one will be (especially us Cub fans). I just hope this season's team puts to rest some of the glorifying of the '85 Bears.

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Geo said...

Drives. Me. Insane.

Look – we all loved the '85 Bears. But, you know, it was 20 years ago. Let it go. Remember it fondly, but let it go.

Stop saying that every '85 Bear should somehow be a coach on this team.

Stop thinking that every coach needs to swear and punch things like "Dikka."

Stop using Jim McMahon as the model for every future quarterback.

Just stop.