Before I Go...

Does anyone need me to pick up anything in Chi-town while I'm there? Italian Beef? A lock of Mayor Daley's hair? Anything?

You kids behave while I'm gone, OK? If I come back and things are a mess, it'll be curtains!


Jenny Jenny Flannery said...

Anything from Mr. Beef will do.

lulu said...

Enjoy my fair city.

Anonymous said...

Awww... they're adorable.

Anonymous said...

Two tickets for opening day at Wrigley.

Anonymous said...

When I lived in that area when I was little there were these things called "cheese kisses".

If they still make those I want some.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I missed putting in my order!

If you check in, I'd like a chicken parmagiana sandwich please--most any Italian restaurant makes a decent parm sandwich. And while you're in Chi-town, can you get me some moo-goo gai pan? I can freeze this stuff and eat it later... Thanks Chris. Tell me how much I owe you when you get back... And don't eat any of my chicken parm please! :)

Cup said...

Bring back some racy, blush-inducing stories.

Some Guy said...

Dirty, Boob Lady, & Lulu- Mission accomplished!
Flannery- Mr. Beef sends his love.
Dad- This is the year, right!?
Amy- Never heard of 'em. What are they?
Big Orange- C'mon, pay attention! And yes, hot beef injections are their specialty (don't tell the cops!)
Zed- Again, I apologize.
Beth- Alas, there were none. A first birthday is probably not a good source for racy stuff.