More Shit About Road Trips...

Me & my 15-passenger Ford Club Wagon, 1996

All the recent talk about road trips has motivated me to start planning a new one. The one part of the U.S. I have NOT yet seen is the northeast. I've been to many major world cities, but never New York City. During this trip I hope to cross off a bunch of still unvisited states. This will leave me with only North Dakota, Oklahoma, Hawaii, and Alaska.

One day while I was bored I went through an atlas and tried to document each town that I have a memory of visiting. You'd be surprised how quickly this can be done. In order for a town to count, I had to remember something from while I was there - a place I ate at, a landmark, something. You can see my list HERE. See if I have ever visited a town near you! It's not like you have work to do.

Now I'm leaving early to go rake leaves. The weather is supposed to turn to shit after today.


Geo said...

NYC proper (i.e. Manhattan) is crazy fun, but not necessarily the best traditional road trip material. Not the easiest to drive to, and you sure as shit don't want to drive while you're there.

If you're looking to cross NY off your visited states list, that's cool, but I'd suggest you save Manhattan for a trip unto itself. Particularly if you've never been – find a deal at the Paramount or Times Square W and do the whole "wow, this is almost like Blade Runner" tourist thing.

Anonymous said...

I guess the closest to me would be Napa. But I see you've also visited Colorado Springs, and that's more important and way better than here.

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

if you ever come to Toronto, your landmark should be the Harvey's Burger joint at the corner of church and jarvis.

Coincidentally enough, thats also the very corner where our hookers solicit their business.

If you do come to Toronto and visit that Harvey's you should order the #3 combo. It comes with a large drink and your choice of curly fries or coitus

Moderator said...

NYC is the center of the universe. Wife and kids made a trip there a couple of years ago. It was amazing. The rest of the northeast - which we saw on the same trip - is anticlimatic. Make NYC the last stop before heading home.

Jen said...

Rhode Island is FANTASTIC
you're missing out..

maybe I'm lying.
But we do have a shit load
of dunkin donuts
so if you need coffee & a bagel
your all set

I loved it
and I can't wait
to go back someday

Anonymous said...

WOW, you've been lots of places that I've been, and even some places where I've lived.

GETkristiLOVE said...

I hope to hell while you were in Beaver Creek, CO that you went to Beaver Liquors!

God, that never gets old.

Anonymous said...

You've been to my beach. . .

And to Colonial Williamsburg, to which we had season passes when I was a kid. Is it any wonder I grew up and became a history dork?

Anonymous said...

Not sure if Hawaii would qualify as a "road" trip, but hell, good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget me! :)

Anonymous said...

Vancouver to Juneau!

Anonymous said...

I agree with geo. NYC isn't the greatest road trip material. It's horrendous to drive in, expensive to stay in and park in. You'd be better off driving to Jersey, staying on the Jersey side of the Hudson river, and ferrying into the city for all-day visits to NYC. NY State is great! If you plan it properly you can see so much!

And mixednut stole my line. You cant' drive to Hawaii, but if you want to give it a try, you're one courageous guy.

Some Guy said...

Geoff, Grant, & Zed- When I get to New York, I will stow the car and travel by foot, cab, or subway.
Amy- Aren't you in the bay area? I've been all around there.
Hootch- Good info. Does anyone ever opt for the curly fries?
Jen- I'm sure I'll pass through R.I.
Nobody- I get around...
Kristi- Damn! I missed it. Do they sell t-shirts?
Megan- Doesn't suprise me...
Mixednut- I'm waiting for them to build that bridge they keep talking about.

vikkitikkitavi said...

"Glendale: (1) My friend Frank's band played at a bar here. Robbie Rist (cousin Oliver from "The Brady Bunch")
was there."

Christ, who HASN'T seen Robbie Rist either playing live in one of the gazillion bands he plays in, or watching one of the other gazillion bands fronted by his friends?

Let me guess the club - The Scene?