A demonym is a word that denotes the members of a people or the inhabitants of a place. For instance, many of you may not know that residents of Michigan are referred to as "Michiganders". I didn't know this until I moved here. There were some other demonyms that I was surprised to learn:
  • People from Kentucky are "Kentuckalucks"
  • People from Idaho are "Idahobags"
  • People from Maryland are "Marylandonianites"
  • People from Wisconsin are "Wisconsinners"
  • People from Iceland are "Icecubes"
  • People from France are "Fois-foises" (pronounced fwa-FWAZ)
  • People from Japan are "Japanzees"
  • People from Botswana are "Botswanabees"
  • People from Malta are "Malteds"
  • People from Turkey are "Giblets"
  • People from Spain are "Spainiacs"
  • People from Chad are "Steves"
I could do this all day, but I'll stop and give you all a turn.


Splotchy said...

People from Belgium are "Dingleberries"

Anonymous said...

People from Quebec---Quebecians

Mel O said...

People from Illinois are "TheCoolestPeopleEver"

Some Guy said...

Welcome, Melo! As a native of Illinois, you won't get much argument out of me (or a lot of my other readers).

SkylersDad said...

People from Colorado are referred to as those closest to the sun.

Mnmom said...

People from Minnesota were too cold to offer an idea.

Doc said...

Yes, and people from Ohio are nuts.

(sorry, Buckeye joke.)


GETkristiLOVE said...

Idaho? No, u da ho!

My friend from Michigan tells me she's a Youpee (U.P. for upper peninsula).

Some Guy said...

I'm suspicious, GKL, because everyone here knows someone from the U.P. is a Yooper.

katrocket said...

people from Canada are "Canucks"

people from Toronto are Tronnans" or "the Keepers of the Stoned"

Cora said...

A person from Greenland is a "Tree Hugger"

A person from Iran is an "Iransofaraway" (I hear they like Flock of Seagulls there :-))

A person from Iraq is an "Iraqnid" (and those who fear them have "Iraqnophobia")

GETkristiLOVE said...

Okay, Youper... maybe that's what she said. I like Youpee better... it's so fitting for that area of the country where there's nothing better to do in the woods except drink beer.

~E said...

People from Seattle "WET"

People from Washington State "Wet AND Moldy"

and by the by, does anyone else see a peepee in the map of Michigan??


Just me??

Ok then!

Cora said...

Wait, I've got one more!

People from Forks WA are called "Spoons" (except for all the Twilight fans congregating there, they're called "Suckers")

Yeah, it took me all night to come up with that. Shut up.