This Post Isn't About Farts...

There just wasn't a picture to go with the topic. Ergo, you get a fart picture.

This is a short post. An observation. As someone who has visited a wide spectrum of blogs from many different places, I have noticed a disproportionate use of the word "anyhoo" (sometimes spelled "anywho") in comparison to how often I hear it used during everyday conversation. Don't get me wrong. I have no problem with the word whatsoever. I just was curious whether this is a commonly spoken word where you come from. I never really hear it around here. Of course, the people I interact with are very unsophisticated, so that may be a factor.


Dr Zibbs said...

If I ever meet you in person this is what will happen:

You: Oh My God Dr Zibbs!
Me: I can't believe this. We're actually meeting.
You: After all this time (you putting arms out to give man hug)
Me: ...and I've been waiting to do this..(I push you to the ground)
Me: (I fart in your face). And there you have it. (Me putting putting one foot on your head like a hunter does to a lion he's just shot. I brush my hands together with the proud accomplishment an older brother feels when farting on his younger brother)

- and cut -

Some Guy said...

PB- I know. I was being unreasonable.

Zibbs- Better not or I'm telling!

Falwless said...

I only started typing it because I kept seeing it on Jon's blog. And then he started saying "anywhoodle" and, shamefully, I followed suit.

This is all to say I have no original ideas.

I don't say "anywho" or any form of it in real life, for fear of getting my ass kicked.

~E said...

What's wrong with ANYHOO? I say it all the time!

and by all the time I mean "only in the presence of very close girlfriends and little kids".

and only when they are drunk.

the girlfriends, not so much the little kids.

Whiskeymarie said...

We planted, germinated, tended the seedlings of and weeded the beginnings of "anywho"/"anywhoo" here in the fabulous Midwest.

It's been around these here parts forever, but only recently (with the invention of the world wide web) have we been able to bring it to the masses.

You're welcome.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I intentionally put at least one Anyhoo on almost all of my blog posts. I don't think I ever say it when I'm speaking, but for some reason on my blog I think it's funny.

The only time I ever considered losing the Anyhoos was when someone complained when I included one on a post I wrote for Burt Reynold's Mustache. It made me angry and I wanted to protest , but I couldn't thoroughly defend the Anyhoo.