Weasel-fuck Senator Ted Stevens (R) of Alaska was convicted
of all counts at his corruption trial today.
This is the "Internet=Series of Tubes" guy.

Normally I wouldn't derive so much pleasure from another's
misfortune, but I really don't like this guy.

Thanks for handing the Dems your Senate seat, you corrupt prick!


Joe said...

Hey, this is great news!

Mnmom said...

Now we can say that Sarah Palin pals around with convicted felons!!!!
Thanks Mr. Stevens!

vikkitikkitavi said...

He'll probably still win reelection.

Madam Z said...

It's just too damned bad he won't be sent to prison. He's been screwing the taxpayers for so long, it would be justice for him to be the "new bride" in the joint!

Distributorcap said...

guess his tubes will be the hit of the prison

(i havent forgotten your request!)

Doc said...

He is 84 years old. Any jail time he gets is a life sentence. Most any fine they can levy, he can pay.

Regardless, he will never do this kind of a thing again for the rest of his life. Nothing like a good smack on the hand before they put quarters on your eyes.

Too little, too late in my book. Why didn't they catch him when he took the bribes?

Well, that's Washington for you. Willing to call something a mess long after everyone else knew it.


Falwless said...

Actually, he's still neck-and-neck in the polls with Begich. Ridiculous. What does it take for these Alaskans to disown Uncle Ted?

Cormac Brown said...

And now McPain says Stevens should resign. What a world.