The Final iPod Results...

I've loaded the last of my albums onto the iPod, as I mentioned HERE. I ended up with 6189 tracks (15.6 Days of music). Here's the final breakdown:
  • Jazz: 1311 Songs, 3.7 Days
  • Rock: 1275 Songs, 3.2 Days
  • Alternative & Punk: 1105 Songs, 2.5 Days
  • Blues: 596 Songs, 1.3 Days
  • R & B: 439 Songs, 1 Day
  • Country: 373 Songs, 19.9 Hours (*)
  • Latin: 232 Songs, 15.3 Hours
  • World: 232 Songs, 14.5 Hours
  • Folk: 247 Songs, 12.3 Hours
  • Pop: 230 Songs, 12.3 Hours
  • Easy Listening: 118 Songs, 6.5 Hours
  • Groupwise, XTC wins for duration (9 hours), but They Might Be Giants wins for most tracks (228).
  • I have 95 songs with "Baby" in the title.
  • I have 213 songs with "Love" in the title.
  • I have 181 songs that ask either Who, What Where, When, or Why?
  • 2657 tracks are 3 minutes or less.
  • 938 tracks are 4 minute or longer.

*-Bear in mind, the following are considered country:
  • Big Bill Broonzy (Blues)
  • Wilco - including the Mermaid Avenue stuff (Folk or Rock, maybe some of it is Country)
  • The Brian Setzer Orchestra (Rock)
  • Lightnin' Hopkins (Blues)
  • Link Wray (Rock)
  • Reverend Horton Heat (Rock)


Unknown said...

I've got 16.5 days...you poseur.

Coaster Punchman said...

Why so few Easy Listening?

Doc said...

That is one damn impressive list! Glad to see Black Sabbath, James Brown, and some of the greatist blues artists ever are well represented. Love the National Drag stuff. Would you care to DJ Blogapolooza? You've got it all right here.

My iPod is full of Flannery's silly American Idol crap. I need some new tunes.


Distributorcap said...

you can take a nice 2 week vacation on your 6189 songs

Falwless said...

Yay for all the TMBG. :)

Micgar said...

Damn! Nice collection! Mine doesn't even come close!