A $3 Bill May Be Queer, But...

...a $7 bill is downright insane!

However, according to THIS REPORT, Dubya is anxious to institute this new denomination of currency before his term is up.

Why is having a seven dollar bill important, you ask?

Dubya has his reasons:
  • "It will remind people that Jesus had seven disciples."
  • "It's like a five, but two better."
  • "I could use it to buy a supersized Bacon, Beef, & Cheddar value meal at Arby's and not have to break a ten."
  • "Presidents like Hamilton and Franklin got to be on money, so why not me?"
  • "Seven rhymes with seventeen and seventeen is awesome!"
  • "I like caterpillars."
  • "It pays tribute to our nation's seven co-equal branches of government."


Writeprocrastinator said...

The thing is with the Ill-resident Shrub, you can never tell when someone is joking, because reality with him is just that much more surreal and chock full of dark humor.

Madam Z said...

Darn it! I used to like caterpillars, but now that I know Bush does, I don't anymore. On the other hand, I've never liked Arby's, so I feel vindicated, knowing that Bush DOES like it.

I wonder if Bush is considering putting the "seven disciples" in charge of the "seven co-equal branches of government" before he leaves office.

Oh! Oh! I thought of his eighth reason to want a seven dollar bill: It'll save paper and printing, cuz it would take the place of THREE $3 BILLS!

lulu said...

This would be great for me. the 500 Taka note, which is the largest bill in Bangladeshi currency, is equal to about $7.00, so I am really good at figuring out how much things cost in 7s.