Fox News Roll Call: Brit Hume...

  • Stupid name: Check.
  • Head the size of a bison's: Check.
  • Standard issue conservative helmet haircut: Check.
  • Talks like he's got a mouthful of marbles: Check.
  • Condescendingly parrots every last Republican talking point: Check-a-roony.
  • Every opinion offered is like a stank turd falling into a vat of rotten onions: Checkity Check.
This guy was genetically engineered to helm Fox News.


dirty said...

I don't watch the new but this made me laugh out loud...cheers Chris!

vikkitikkitavi said...

- Eyeballs the same color as my pancake makeup: Check

Anonymous said...

You are so poetic. "Stank turd falling into a vat of rotten onions".... it brought tears to my eyes.

Some Guy said...

Amy- I liked that bit, too. Just for recognizing that, you've won a spot on my blogroll!

Anonymous said...