Documentary Film Of The Day - Fast, Cheap, And Out Of Control...

Some of you may be familiar with Errol Morris because of his award-winning film "Fog Of War" or his series of Miller High Life commercials. He has made some great, off-beat documentaries primarily focused on obscure, everyday people. I can't think of one that I haven't liked. Fast, Cheap, And Out Of Control is a movie that juxtaposes four seemingly disparate men with odd occupations (or obsessions as the case may be). One is a topiary gardener (someone who sculpts plants, like in Edward Scissorhands), one is a robotics expert, one is a retired lion tamer, and one is an expert on the lives of mole rats. The passion these men possess for the things they do is fascinating, but it is the way the film is edited that makes it so strong. Morris has a unique ability to elicit information from his subjects. I feel that this is a good introduction for those interested in the films of Mr. Morris, moreso than "Fog Of War", which, while brilliant in its own right, is atypical of most of his work.

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