As I may have mentioned in a previous post, one of my favorite pasttimes is to go on conservative blogs and pose as a super-wacky far right nut just to see how much I can get away with. You'd be amazed. One thing I've noticed reading these blogs is the conservative's reliance on Bush hatred in their debates. Here is a sample conversation:

Liberal: But there were no WMDs in Iraq, even though they told us they knew where the were.
Conservative nut-job: You just hate bush.
Liberal: He told us anyone involved in the Plame leak would no longer be in his administration, but they still are.
Conservative nut-job: Why do you hate Bush so much?
Liberal: This administration is running roughshod over the constitution with warrantless wiretaps.
Conservative nut-job: Stop hating, you hater.

Is that it? Is that their defense? You hate Bush, so nothing you say is valid. Let me set the record straight. I don't hate Bush. He annoys the shit out of me and I'm embarassed that he happens to be our leader, but I don't hate him. I honestly believe that his actions have damaged our country and made us a laughingstock around the world, but I don't hate him. The question should be why these people love him so much. What has he done that is so praise-worthy? I don't have anything really funny to say. I'm just baffled.

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Why do you hate Bush?