I Wanna Talk 'Bout Music S'more, M'kay?...

Those of you who own an I-Pod or some type of MP3 player may understand this post. I listen to mine primarily in the car to and from work, always on shuffle. There exist certain songs that I'm prone to skip more often and certain songs I never skip. Before I start, let me just say I love all the music I own. My albums are like my babies, just without all the diapers and breastfeeding. Having said that, here are the ones I'm most prone to skip:
  • Anything by Buckwheat Zydeco. Fun stuff, I'm just not always in the mood.
  • Certain Professor Longhair songs. My I-Pod seems to favor these, so I hear them more than I'd prefer.
  • Certain instrumental musicians like Ramsey Lewis and Oscar Peterson. Again, a mood thing.
  • "The Girl From Ipanema" by Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto. Pretty song, but tends to be too mellow for me.
  • "I've Got A Bike" by Pink Floyd. It's insane and I like it, but only in small doses.
  • Occasionally I skip Donovan songs, but only certain ones.
Stuff I never skip:
  • For some reason I never skip the two Bob Marley songs I have and I'm not a fanatical Marley fan.
  • I never seem to skip Los Fabulosos Cadillacs songs.
  • I never ever skip "The Obvious Child" by Paul Simon. That song gives me chills each time I hear it. The drums? Come on!
  • I never skip They Might Be Giants songs.
  • I never skip "Black Betty" by Ram Jam. Probably one of my top one-hit wonder songs.
  • I never skip Tenacious D songs.


Teri said...

I have an ipod shuffle and download songs weekly/biweekly because I only want songs on there that I will listen to. I just upgraded to the new one they just came out with. It holds 240 songs. My old one was only 1/2 gig and held 120 songs.

I've thought about buying one of the larger capacity ipod's but I just can't do it. I can't stand the thought of having all my music on there and skipping constantly because "I'm not in the mood".

PS how can you listen in the car, that's a hazard : )

lulu said...

I skip a lot of classical, and a lot of jazz. A mood thing.

I never skip TMBG, Sugar, The Ramones, Thin Lizzy,the Replacements......

Anonymous said...

Um, who can skip Black Betty. NOBODY. That's who.

Sans Pantaloons said...

I took the stuff I tended to skip off. Now I only have 'never skip' stuff. I find the music changes my mood, so it all works out.

“To live without my Music would be impossible to do, because in this world of troubles, my Music pulls me through”

Chris said...

Teri- To answer your question, I live on the edge.
Lulu- Yeah, same with me.
The Boob Lady- Damn straight!
Sans- I suppose I should pare mine down to "never skip" songs, but I'm lazy and occassionally I do like to listen to the skippers.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of The D, have you seen the previews for the movie? I'm hopeful, but hmm...

BreAnna said...

i HATE shuffle! what the hell is wrong with it? my mp3 player has its own favorite 14 songs out of the 349 on my mp3 player, and always picks those songs to shuffle to. unfortunately, these are not MY favorite 14 songs. it seems a very simple program to write that would really, truly shuffle through and randomly play ALL the songs on your mp3 player. there are some songs that i have NEVER heard while shuffling. obviously i am quite annoyed by this.