I have it on good authority that the new Borat movie is laugh-out-loud hilarious. I may actually see this one in the theater. In preparation, I have enjoyed re-runs of "Da Ali G Show" on HBO the last two nights. It's one of those shows that makes me laugh so hard I can't breathe. Not many things can do that. Even a great show like "Seinfeld" couldn't do it. Sure, it made me laugh, but not uncontrolably. Here are a few other things that have made me gut-laugh:
  • Chappelle's Show
  • The Aristocrats (the movie)
  • George Carlin
  • South Park & Team America: World Police
  • My sister telling stories about working in daycare.
  • The Daily Show
  • Bill Hicks
  • I'm sure The Simpsons did, but it's been a while.
There are probably a few more, but these are the ones I could think of off the top of my head. I'd love to hear about others. Laughing is one of my favorite pasttimes.


Flannery Alden said...

Team America would definately top my list. So does the Vader Sessions.

Geo said...

It's terrific, but I'd give the HBO segments the edge.

Beth said...

I hope to see Borat this week. I need to bust my gut. And didn't you love Team America: World Police!

Anonymous said...

I don't have HBO so I have never seen Borat. A friend let me borrow the DVDs so I am hoping to see them this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I saw a couple of Borat segments on YouTube, and found him funny (I also do not have HBO). Not sure I'm willing to shell out for the theater, though.

We have very similar tastes.

I have to say that some of Grant Millers posts (and the comments to them) get me rolling. Once I even couldn't sleep because I kept thinking of it and cracking up.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm seeing that this weekend, and I spend quite of bit of after-school time watching Ali G clips on GoogleVideo when I should be grading papers.

South Park and The Daily Show and The Simpsons almost always make me laugh, as does my fucked up family.

Anonymous said...

America, FUCK YEAH!!!

Man, I love your list, mine looks oddly similar.

Maybe if Borat is still here at the end of the month we'll have a date. ;)

mixednut said...

Team America rocks.
I HAD to buy da complete seasons 1&2 of Da Ali G show.
Check yourself, before you wreck yourself!

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

oh man, the borat movie is even better than the Chapelle bit when he plays President Black Bush

Big Orange said...

'The Aristocats' makes you gut laugh? Huh... How come?

"The Diary of Samuel Marchbanks" by Robertson Davies always provided deep chuckles to me.

Chris said...

B.O.: The AristoCRATS. Big difference. It's a documentary about the dirtiest joke ever told.