Blogroll Retrospective: The Imaginary Review...

Last post: February 23, 2010

Jeez. Another Canadian. Here is another case of one of my favorite bloggers falling off the face of the earth. If you have never visited "The Imaginary Review", do yourself a favor and check out some of his archive. He has made me laugh out loud on several occasions. He is to comedic prose what Vikkitikkitavi is to political essays. He's a craftsman. I seriously hope he is not gone for good. He is funny as shit and we all know that shit is fucking hilarious.


Cooper Green said...

Chris, I've got another funny Canadian you may want to check out:
Bschooled at Just Making Convo.... Now that's worth a talk.

Dale said...

I was always pretty amazed at the output from The Imaginary Reviewer too. Pretty incredible and hilarious.