The Eighties Were Clearly The Golden Years For Suburban Chicago Car Dealership Commercials...

I know all you non-Chicagoans won't have the same appreciation for this post as my fellow natives will, but I'm posting it anyway.

Howard Pontiac:

Harry Schmerler Ford:

Al Piemonte Ford:

Bob Rohrman Honda:

Celozzi-Ettleson Chevrolet:

Long Chevrolet:

Fencl-Tufo Chevrolet:


Carolyn said...

Holy CRAP. I had forgotten about so many of these guys. Thanks for the chuckle and letting me relive my youth for a minute or two.

SkylersDad said...

11,800 bucks was a steal for that sweet-assed stabbin-cabin from Harry!!

McGone said...

I never realized before, but DeNiro and Pacino could play Celozzi-Ettleson in a biopic.

A friend of mine met Bob Rohrman at O'Hare a few years back and he apparently turns on that Rohrman TV pitchman persona like flipping a switch. And he looks exactly the same now as he did in this commercial, but is at least five times nuttier these days.

Scope said...

Sleazy & Mettlesome! A former co-worker had a snow globe with them in it that had little bills instead on snow.

And it was sweet!