Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together...

As you know, I love documentaries and I love making slideshows set to music. Here is a slideshow that features 240 documentaries I've seen since I started subscribing to Netflix at the end of 2004. They are in the order in which I watched them. I realize a few of the films (such as Incident At Loch Ness or The Five Obstructions) may stretch the bounds of what is considered a documentary. The music is an untitled instrumental by the band Neutral Milk Hotel off a rock-solid album I've been listening to a lot lately called In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. Check it out.


BeckEye said...

Cool idea! When do you have time to annoy your girlfriend with all this movie watching? :)

I spotted some in there that I've seen, some that are in my Netflix queue, and some that sound interesting. I may have to go back through this vid with the pause button to pick out some more for my queue.

The last doc I watched was "Bananaz," about the band Gorillaz. I don't know if you like their music, but it's a pretty cool and funny doc about the formation of the band and what goes on behind the scenes to make it work. I found it even more interesting because I have lust in my heart for Damon Albarn (even after he loses a front tooth), but I think even if you don't, you could enjoy it.

Some Guy said...

Beckeye- Thanks! I will check it out. Though I don't know much of their music, I always seem to enjoy music docs even I'm not familiar with the band.

And it only comes out to about one movie a week. I try to watch them if I can while she's sleeping in on the weekends. You know, so I don't annoy her.

Dr Zibbs said...

So what are a few that you think were great?

Some Guy said...

Zibbs- Man, that is a tough question. There are so many to choose from. I love anything by Errol Morris, Werner Herzog, and Albert Maysles. As far as individual films, I really like:
-Hoop Dreams
-Chain Camera
-I Like Killing Flies
-Okie Noodling
-The Gleaners And I
-Manda Bala
-Able Raises Cain

This shouldn't in any way diminish my appreciation for the other ones. Those are just a few that popped out. A lot of the Vietnam-era films or Iraq War films are outstanding.

Prunella Jones said...

You've certainly watched quite a few docs! I just watched "Crazy Love" the other night. All I have to say about that one is "whoa!"

P.S. The music was really enjoyable. Gotta love a band that incorporates bagpipes into their songs.

westchesterdead said...

Neutral Milk Hotel - Jeff Mangum -He's the J.D. Salinger of Indie rock.


Your cred points went sky high with that pick for music.

westchesterdead said...

By the way - What did you think of Searching For The Wrong Eyed Jesus?

Dog Town and Z Boys
Little Dieter Needs To Fly

Great films.

Some Guy said...

WD- I meant to thank you for that recommendation. I liked it. It had a lot of intersting, authentic characters and a unique style. Plus, I thought the way they combined the music was well done.